About GEE

About the Educational Service Provider (ESP)

GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE (GEE) is an educational service provider founded in 1998 in Michigan, with the mission to empower academies of choice by nurturing academic excellence, positive character traits and an appreciation of cultures. Mohamad Issa, Director of GEE, and Dr. Said Issa, Associate Director, established GEE as a vehicle for developing educational environments where all children are offered quality educational opportunities. They both work hard to ensure that GEE provides the following services to the academies: recruit and engage personnel, best suited to the academy and its community, facilitate the development and implementation of a curriculum fostering growth among all children, supervise the maintenance of the academy’s physical facility and environment, and manage all record-keeping and financial aspects associated with the operation of the academies.

The departments at Global Educational Excellence have over 15 years experience in handling Federal and State Grant Reporting requirements and Board Policy. They also handle all No Child Left Behind Requirements, including Site Manuals and Administrative Guidelines for the buildings and school board. As an Educational Service Provider, Global Educational Excellence is prepared and equipped to handle any educational needs of the academies.Since 1998, the GEE family of schools has grown to include eleven campuses in the following cities; Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dearborn Heights, Dearborn, Hamtramck, Detroit, as well as a campus in Toledo, Ohio. Housed within these campuses are three early childhood centers, eight elementary schools, five middle schools, and three high schools.

The name Global Educational Excellence (GEE) speaks volumes about the nature of the academies. The faces inside the GEE schools are culturally diverse, and students have the opportunity to learn about cultures from across the globe. All GEE schools focus on the National and Michigan Core Curriculum in addition to providing an outstanding Arabic program. GEE is also working in developing Arabic textbooks which will further aid in engrossing the student in a culturally rich curriculum. Few of the GEE schools have also incorporated a Spanish curriculum into their program. Furthermore, GEE prides itself on providing professional development opportunities to support all of their educators. GEE Educators invest time and work with every individual child and cater the various levels of performance. An Early Intervention Program is a tool that is used by our staff in order to ensure that each student has the opportunity for an equal success.