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Global Educational Excellence is proud to announce an overseas partnership with Modern System Schools for Foreign Programs in Amman, Jordan. Modern System Schools is offering for our students a three week intensive Arabic Language program that includes courses on speaking at the School as well as cultural experiences.

Global passage students 4The program’s MISSION is for all students participating to receive intensive instruction on the Arabic Language while being culturally immersed in an Arabic setting. The students from the Global Educational Excellence Academies will have daily 4 hours of instruction with experienced Arabic teachers from the Modern System Schools on the Arabic language with a concentration on oral communication.

Each year GEE collect applications from our qualified eleventh Grade students in our high school academies. We have formed a committee that interview and choose five deserving students from each of the three GEE high schools to go on a once-in-a lifetime educational trek to Jordan. This trip takes place in the spring and the students will study culture and language at our [partner school: Modern Systems School. The students will also have the opportunity to take field trips that will allow them to experience the area first-hand.

The students will participate in various cultural trips and programs on Jordanian history including trips to: the Dead Frontier student in JordanSea, Petra, Aqaba, various nature reserves, city tours of Amman, the site of the ruined Hellenistic-Roman city of Gadara, and hot springs and baths of Hammamat Ma’een. The addition of the cultural aspects meets the Cultural Requirements of the 5 C Component of the ACTFL standards as students will participate in 4 hours a day of cultural activities.

Upon conclusion of the program and successful completion of a summative assessment (e.g., final exam) at the Novice Mid level, the participants will receive one high school credit.

The Global Passage Destination Jordan educational trip is just another example of the value-add that the GEE schools offer our students as they continue through our system. It’s never too early for our students to set their sites on these types of incentives to help encourage their good behavior, outstanding academic effort and excellent citizenship. Click here to view more information about our recent Global Passage activities.


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Application Requirements Include

  • Having continuous enrollment in a Global Educational Excellence High School since 9th grade and currently enrolled in 11th grade
  • Grade Point Average of 3.0